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We Dispatch All Types of Equipment:

• Power Only     • Dry Van     • Flat Bed     • Reefer     • Step Deck     • RGN Trailers


Independent Dispatcher and Freight Brokerage Training


Welcome to Capital City Dispatch

Are you an Owner-Operator?

Are you operating numerous trucks in your fleet?

Are you looking for profitable front or back haul lanes?

Are your trucks being efficiently and effectively used?

Are you seeking to outsource your company’s truck dispatching needs?

If yes, then call to find out how we can help today!!!


At Capital City Dispatch we keep it simple and to the point. By outsourcing your company’s truck dispatching needs the stress from finding a load and completing the necessary paperwork in order to carry freight for the brokers and/or shippers becomes eliminated. If Owner-Operators truly want to run efficiently and effectively, they should never be wasting precious time searching load boards nor be bothered with filling out burdensome paperwork.

Transportation companies, depending on the size of their truck fleet, need either a single or multiple in-house Truck Dispatcher(s). At Capital City Dispatch we can provide you that same service for a fraction of the cost.

Whether your company is operating only one truck or numerous trucks, the benefits of outsourcing your truck dispatching needs to Capital City Dispatch will save your company’s (A) time and (B) money by lowering the following business expenses from maintaining full-time employee(s):

Disclaimer: Per mile/weekly rates cannot be guaranteed and fluctuate based on actual market conditions. 

Trucking is a tough business! As Motor Carriers, we understand this. We understand the struggles truckers go through every single day. It is our goal to help make a trucker's life a little easier. Your Capital City Dispatch agent will find you profitable loads, handle the paperwork.

Our history

Capital City Dispatch is a division of Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation head-quartered in Topeka, Kansas. Like most owner-operators we come from humble beginnings. Established in 2006, Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation was started with the ambitious goal of becoming a top trucking company in America, and we're closer than ever.

I think it's safe to say no one starts a business to fail. No one does it for more headaches and less money. Unfortunately, this is exactly what all too many owner-operators get. Cheaper headaches. They work and work and work, come tax-time, they find out they made next to nothing. Should've stayed a company driver.

Well, I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be this way. We're here to help! We understand the trucking business. We understand the hardships, the pitfalls, and all the regulations truckers have to comply with. We know who to talk to and how to talk to them. We understand equipment, regions, load densities, pricing, and negotiation.

We started Capital City Dispatch two and a half years after we started Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation. The years made it clear, this is not a one-man operation. There is a lot of money in Trucking, over the years we've learned, improved, optimized, licked out wounds, and grew. In the process we've dealt with the things every owner-operator in America deals with every day. There's a lot of work and we're here to help. Let's work and grow together.

Up to 80,000 Lbs. - Local & OTR

We utilize a variety of trailers including Dry Vans, Reefers, Flatbeds, RGNs, Lowboys, Step Decks, Conestoga’s, and other Specialized equipment. This is achieved using Renegade Transportation Dispatch Service and our ever-expanding network of Owner-Operators and trucking companies throughout the United States and Canada as well as using our own drivers and equipment.

With our truck dispatching services we will book truck loads for you while you are on the road.  We will find truck loads for your truck(s) twenty four hours a day and keep your truck(s) loaded. At Capital City Dispatch Services we negotiate the highest freight rates for any truck loads we can on your behalf and take care of any problems that may arise while on the road. Once we convey the best freight rates for you and your fleet, we will notify you of your freight load options and you make the final decision. We offer 24 hour truck dispatching service and we will be there for all your needs that may arise. Your van and refrigerated trucks will be occupied and loaded, whether you have 1 truck or many.

With our truck dispatching service, we will help you to decrease your deadhead miles, you won’t have to deal with paper work or spend hours on the phone negotiating with freight shippers or freight brokers trying to book a truck load. Less stress means happier driving.

The result: Capital City Dispatch Services helps make your life as a trucker or small trucking business owner easier and more satisfying.  Your time will be optimized as we can usually send you truck loads to the locations you want. You will have less down time in between loads. You will increase your profits and be in control. Tell us when you want to be at home. With Capital City Dispatch Services you can organize your time, giving us a time line of when you want to drive, where you want to go with your truck loads, what lanes you prefer, how much you want to make per mile and we will concentrate our efforts in booking truck loads under those parameters. We keep you working and do not leave your trucks stuck for days. We are devoted to all of our truck drivers.

If you want a dispatching service that will book any load available at whatever price just to get you out of their day and move on to their next truck. If you want to deal yourself with the brokers and accounts payable to get paid. If you want to make less than $10000 a month gross. Then go back to Google. You need to talk to those other guys.

We count with the right resources to keep you up and running. Our independent dispatch service lets you choose from any truck loads we have to offer you at the highest cost per mile we can find. We have the time, experience, and knowledge to find the best paying truck loads out there and will recommend you of truck loads in advance.

It’s a fact almost all truck business owners need someone to keep them loaded and dispatched at all times. Drivers need the best paying truck loads and to get home as frequently as possible, but obviously things don’t always work out that way. That's where our independent dispatch service comes into play for your benefit.

By taking advantage of our service as part of our independent dispatch services, you are opening new venues for you and at the same time ensuring better pay, independent dispatching service for your truck(s), we would take care of all load paper work and we also help you with emergency road assistance. There is a contract to sign to use our service here at Capital City Dispatch Services. If you want to cancel our independent dispatch services just call us and cancel our services.

If you work for freight brokers you would already know how much they like to brag about their long list of freight Carriers at their hands, but the reality is that they just post your shipments on load boards and wait for somebody to take the bait. Sometimes brokers working with load board get lucky and they find some truck owner or a carrier that would haul their truck load, but the problem is they actually have no previous working relationship with the carrier company or the Owner Operators they use to haul your items. Because of this we have numerous freight Brokers like Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation that steadily contact us offering to give our signed truck companies their truck loads. They've found that by offering their freight to our Owner Operators base they receive a professional service. Through our independent dispatch service we can ensure that you minimized your down time and maximized your profits.


Once you decide on a load to haul, we will:

Your trucks will be full, whether you have 1 truck or many.  Your time will be optimized as we can usually send you to the locations you want.  You will have very little down time in between loads.  We keep you working and do not leave your trucks stuck for days like some of these other dispatch services.  We are dedicated to all of our drivers.


We need three things from you:

Be sure to ask about our full line of trucking and transportation services!


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Disclaimer: Brokerage, Carrier and its affiliated companies are duly licensed by the appropriate governmental bodies either to perform interstate transportation services as a motor carrier or to arrange for transportation services by other authorized motor carriers as a broker. Pursuant to the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act, when carrier transports shipper’s cargo on vehicles owned by or leased to carrier, such transportation service is provided by Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation MC-550730 or Renegade Heavy Haul MC-343884 under its motor carrier authority. Otherwise, when transportation of shipper’s cargo occurs by third party motor carrier, such transportation service is provided by Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation under its broker authority number MC-550730.