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Capital City Dispatch now has over 300,000 Industry contacts, 1600 registered shippers, and over 8,000 registered carriers and access to 100,000 Federal Certified Carriers! See contacts list.


Carrier tired of doing all the work and need a dispatcher, get our application

Capital City Dispatch will reopen by late August 2015 with our new freight board attached



There are hundred of thousands of wheels on the road every day that we all tend to take for granted. The heavy-duty rigs "eighteen wheelers" that travel day and night through all kinds of weather and terrain to bring you what you need. These are the wheels that really make your life easier. If you bought it, more than likely a truck brought it.


Over the past years Capital City Dispatch has developed partnerships with many of North America's premier transportation company's. Capital City Dispatch is a Independent Dispatch Office and agent for Renegade Freight Brokerage & Transportation MC 550730 that provides the means and tools to help you list your goods or freight for shipment to anywhere in the continental United States.

Through our vast network of transportation providers you can access thousands of company's with available equipment options and resources that can greatly help reduce your shipping costs and dramatically improve your scheduling, delivery, and tracking.


Please note that rates quoted are for legal weight/size, non-hazardous cargo in dry containers going to non-residential locations unless otherwise noted.  Fuel surcharge is based on a sliding scale and adjusted weekly per the National Fuel Index.  For steamship lines that do not provide chassis the charge for chassis rental is $20 per calendar day. Usual usage per container is 3 to 7 calendar days depending on scheduling requirements. Rates quoted are good for 30 days.  Changes in dimensions, weight or scope of the project may affect pricing.  We provides 2 hours of free loading and unloading time and charges $65 per hour for each additional hour.